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Opinions on⁣ jo & laurie : The true events that inspired Little Women.

Louisa May Alcott’s real life is a lot more confronting than her semi-autobiographical novel. Image via Getty.

In spite of the fact that this hasn’t been affirmed, it’s been inferred that Laurie’s genuine partner was Polish performer Ladislas Wisniewski, who Alcott met in 1865 in Europe, three years before Little Women was distributed.

As per biographer Harriet Reisen in the account Louisa May Alcott, they went through about fourteen days together in Paris alone (for all intents and purposes a Victorian embarrassment,) and she even nicknamed him Laddie.

Laddie/Laurie……..coincidence? We think not.

While this was never talked about by Alcott in broad daylight, after her passing biographers found an exceptionally telling sign in her journal. The area that referenced her sentiment with Laurie had been crossed out and supplanted with the line, “couldn’t be.”

Alcott’s refusal to wed Jo to Laurie may have been close to home.

Alcott was a staunch women’s activist, and like Jo, needed to encounter a world more prominent than what the 1800s could bear to her as a common laborers lady with minimal social standing.

In spite of the fact that she was under a great deal of weight from fans who needed to see the gushing Laurie and determined Jo live cheerfully ever after, she out and out cannot.

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