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Letter For The King Is Based On A Book That Desperately Needed More Female Characters

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Netflix’s YA dream arrangement The Letter for the King shares bounty for all intents and purpose with Game of Thrones — including the way that it depends on a book of a similar name. Be that as it may, not at all like GoT its still-incomplete George R.R. Martin books, this present one’s completely completed — and it has been for just about 60 years.

Dutch essayist Tonke Dragt distributed her kids’ book De Brief Voor De Koning in 1962, winning the Dutch kids’ book of the year grant in 1963, and in any event, winning a significant honor in 2004 for the best Dutch youngsters’ book of the previous 50 years. Per the book’s distributor, Leopold, the book has sold more than 1 million duplicates worldwide and has been converted into more than twelve dialects — including English, however that release didn’t hit bookshelves until 2013.

A survey in The Guardian after the book’s English production called attention to only two little heavenly components in the story — implying that probably the greatest contrast between the book and the arrangement is the expansion of enchantment. There’s no prescience and no, um, whatever that sparkling thing was toward the finish of the arrangement.

The other significant distinction: The character of Lavinia is only a young lady our legend Tiuri meets on his excursion, not the individual who might turn into his accomplice in the mission. Tiuri had a pal on his journey in the book, however, it was a mountain control named Pink. Likewise, Queen Alianor didn’t exist by any stretch of the imagination — the solid female characters were included only for the Netflix creation.

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