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Extrait de: Marco Guerrero. « Health and Fitness: 21 Simple Tips to Burn Fat, Get Stronger, and Increase Energy: Weight Loss, Strength, and Energy Boosting Techniques (Mind and Body). » Apple Books. Regardless of whether you’re not the note-taking sort, you should attempt to record the day by day progress of your workout. It is a basic and successful method for keeping spurred and remaining on track.

You should simply record what you do. Start with the kind of activities and sets, at that point work your way through the reps, and even the time you had the option to achieve each. Whatever you do, you need to be as exact – and as fair with yourself – as could be allowed. Keep in mind, nobody else ever needs to see it, yet except if you adhere to the careful exercise you have done there is no reason for keeping the log.

Keeping a workout log may appear to be dreary first and foremost, yet once you get its hang, you’ll wonder how you had the option to live without it for such a long time.

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