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Coronavirus: 5 Fake Health Advises You Should Ignore

3. Drinkable Silver 

An individual asserted that drinking colloidal silver, minor silver particles suspended in water, can kill a few strains of the coronavirus in only 12 hours. A few people even case that colloidal silver can treat numerous conditions and can support the invulnerable framework. 

There is no proof that this silver arrangement is powerful for any wellbeing condition. The silver arrangement can cause seizures, kidney harm, and argyria, a condition that can turn your skin blue. 

4. Drinking water at regular intervals 

One post that turned into a web sensation said that drinking water like clockwork can flush out any infection. Teacher Land from the University of Oxford clarifies that water can not simply wash a respiratory infection down into your stomach and slaughter it. Continually drinking water can not forestall coronavirus. 

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