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A competitor, a dad, a ‘wonderful soul’: George Floyd in his companions’ words

Chauvin can be seen holding Floyd down for quite a long time as Floyd whines he can’t inhale, talking with more noteworthy trouble and afterward getting lethargic, as witnesses ask the officials to discharge him. The video closes with paramedics lifting a limp Floyd on to a cot and setting him in a rescue vehicle.

Floyd, 46, experienced childhood in Houston’s Third Ward, one of the city’s prevalently dark neighborhoods, where he and Harris met in center school. At 6ft6in, Floyd developed as a star football player, situated as the tight end for Jack Yates’ secondary school group, and played in the 1992 state title game in the Houston Astrodome.

Donnell Cooper, one of Floyd’s previous schoolmates, said he watched Floyd score touchdowns. Floyd overshadowed everybody and earned the moniker “delicate mammoth”.

“Calm character however a wonderful soul,” Cooper said.

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