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75-year-elderly person pushed to ground by Buffalo police is ‘alert and situated’; officials suspended

ALBANY, N.Y. – Two cops in Buffalo, New York, are suspended and a 75-year-elderly person is recouping in a clinic Friday after video demonstrated the officials pushing the man to the ground.

Realistic video from WBFO shows the two officials pushing the man down as he moved toward them in an open square around a 8 p.m. check in time Thursday. The man falters back and falls, and the video shows him unmoving and seeping from his head.

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz tweeted Friday morning that a medical clinic official said the man was “alert and situated.”

“That is better news. How about we trust he completely recoups,” Poloncarz included.

The Erie County District Attorney’s Office tweeted Friday that it was proceeding with its examination of the episode and that the man couldn’t give an announcement to agents Thursday night.

The official’s activities immediately drew judgment from around the state, including Gov. Andrew Cuomo who said the “episode is completely unjustified and absolutely offensive.”

During a press preparation Friday, Cuomo played video of the episode, watching it wide-looked at before scrutinizing the officials’ activities.

“You see that video and it upsets your fundamental feeling of conventionality and humankind,” Cuomo said.

“Why? Why? For what reason was that vital? Where was the danger? It was a more seasoned courteous fellow. Where was the danger? And afterward you simply stroll by the individual when you see blood originating from his head,” he stated, portraying the scene.

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