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10 Ways to Tell That Your Dog Is Depressed

2) Your Dog Doesn’t Want to Play

Presumably, perhaps the greatest manifestation that makes us pitiful is the point at which they no longer need to play the games they used to. You snatch a ball, demonstrate it to them and toss it however they couldn’t look less intrigued. Rather than a tail swaying when you draw near to them, they scarcely raise their head and appear as though they need to be disregarded.

On the off chance that you figure out how to get them outside for work out, which might be extremely troublesome – they won’t show any eagerness for it and as hard as you would attempt to get them keen on playing, they truly couldn’t care less. This conduct can show in various degrees of seriousness – for example, they may at first sway their tail yet following a couple of moments it will stop. Maybe they quickly overlook how pitiful they are, only for a couple of moments.

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